Healthcare Industry in India is still in its evolutionary phase and several technological medical marvels are yet out of reach of average citizens. As a step towards strong healthcare infrastructure, Ankar Healthcare is proud to offer advanced Medical Ventilator in India.

Equipped with latest technology and superior features, our Medical Ventilators are sourced from the best manufacturers. Tested for quality, performance and accuracy, this equipment can a lifesaver for millions of Indians in inducted as part of medical setup.
We provide Medical Ventilators in different models, makes and features to cater to specific needs of our clients.

Versamed Ivent 201

Ventilation ModesAssist volume Controlled, Assist pressure controlled, SIMV volume Controlled, SIMV pressure Controlled, CPAP, Pressure Support Ventilation
Respiratory Rate1 to 50
Tidal Volume100 to 2000 mL
Accuracy of Tidal Volume Delivery from the set value±10 mL
Accuracy of (Respiratory) exhale tidal Volume Measurement10 mL
Inspiratory Pressure Limit5 to 80 ±5 cmH2O
PEEP0 to 20
SizeHeight 13 in, Width 9.5 in, Depth 10.3 in
Display8.4 in
Weight10 kg

LTv 1000 Ventilator

Physical Specifications

Size13 in, Width 10” (25 cm), Depth 12” (30 cm), Weight 13.4 lbs (5.83 kg)
Apnea interval10 to 60 seconds
High pressure limit5 to 100 cmH2 O
Low peak pressureOff, 1 to 60 cmH2 O
High PEEPOff, 3 to 40 cmH2 O
High rateOff, 5 to 80 bpm
Alarm silence/reset60 seconds
Ventilator inoperativeRed LED, audible alarm


Ventilation modesControl, Assist/Control, SIMV/ CPAP and NPPV
Breath typesVC, PC, PS and Spontaneous
Breath rate0 to 80 bpm
Tidal volume50 to 2,000 mL
Inspiratory time0.3 to 9.9 seconds (100 lpm)
Pressure control1 to 99 cmH2 O
SensitivityOff, 1 to 9 lpm
% O221% to 100%
% O2Flush1 to 3 minutes
PEEP/CPAP0 to 20 cm H2 O
Insp/exp hold6 second maximum
Manual breath1 x current settings
Bias flow10 lpm during exhalation

Monitors and indicators

Peak inspiratory pressure0 to 120 cm H2O
PEEP0 to 99 cm H2O
Total breath rate0 to 250 bpm
Airway pressure display-10 to 108 cmH2 O
Exhaled tidal volume0 to 4,000 mL
Exhaled minute volume0 to 99.9 liters
I:E ratio, measured99:1 to 1:99
Calculated peak flow10 to 100 lpm
Static compliance1 to 999 mL/cm H2O
Variable rise time 1 to 9 profile
Variable flow termination 10% to 40%
Leak compensationOn/off
Ventilator input11 to 15 VDC

MARKET AREA : Delhi/NCR, Uttar Pradesh(UP), Utrakhand, Rajsathan,Punjab, Maharastra etc.

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Healthcare industry has come a long way from where it stood about a decade ago. New developments, innovative technologies, advanced machinery and equipment have all catered to better health care facilities in India. Ankar Healthcare is one of the few pioneers, who started the technological revolution.

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